Friday, May 20, 2016

A Tricky Game

I sat down and placed the bottle of Mescal between us. 
"Okay, let's get down to business. You want the job or not?"
He took a drag on his cigarette, the smoke escaped his lips in an upward swirl.
"Maybe. It depends on what you're offering."
I stared straight into his eyes. He gave nothing away. If anyone could make the hit, he could. But I knew it would cost big money. 
"Name your price."  
I watched as a smile crept across his thin lips.
"Two hundred thousand, non negotiable."
It was more than I had anticipated, but the target must be got rid of. I poured a shot into each of our glasses. 
"You've got a deal." 
I raised my glass, he did the same, downed the contents and stood up. He looked around at the other tables, then turned to face me once more. He formed his hand into a gun and mouthed the words "bang' before walking off.
I could feel the sweat trickle down my back. His message was loud and clear. If I tried to renege on the payment, he'd kill me too. Now all I had to do was work out who I could hire to take him out once he'd done the job. I knew just the man, he'll do it for a few hundred. 

This is tricky game but I've been in it long enough to know how to win.

239 words.


  1. Love your noir! I hope you write some longer ones sooner or later.

    1. Thank you Larry, so nice of you to say so and what a lovely first comment on my new blog ^_^

  2. I love this but I want more! ;)

  3. Ah, isn't it always such a loop? Bang, bang!

    So good to see your stories back online, Helen! I hope you write more.

  4. Well done! Your fans are happy to read you again!

  5. Talk about downward pressure on income! Mind you, if the MC keeps this up long enough, there will be a shortage of local assassins.

    The atmosphere and time in this one is perfect. +1 for a longer piece!

    1. LOL Katherine now there's a thought ^_^ Thanks for the compliment too.


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