Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Death Meets Midnight

Today I'm sharing one of poems that I wrote, and it's one of my favourites.

 Death Meets Midnight

Come sup a glass of wine with me,
Said Death in Midnight’s ear.
It’s rich and dark and red as blood,
And there is naught to fear.

Wary Midnight shook her head,
Your journey’s been a waste.
Tempting as that wine may be,
I don’t think I will taste.

Oh come now, just one little sip,
And two friends we will be.
A partnership so excellent,
I think you would agree.

I can’t go, I want to stay, 
Find yourself another.
The night is young, not over yet,
Drink with Dawn, my brother.

Sweet Midnight, said impatient Death,
I can’t leave you behind.
Your time is here my pretty dear,
It would be so unkind.

Midnight whispered I'm afraid,
For this is all I’ve known.
If I go, how do I know,
That I won’t be alone.

Take my hand, smiled Death,
We’ll be together, friend.
This for  you is just the start,
And certainly not the end.

©2014 Helen A. Howell


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