Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A bit of humour this time - Ode To The Missing Socks

Ode To The Missing Socks

Two went into the washing machine
But only one came out.
These socks of mine now don't match,
It makes me want to shout.

I've search your drum and crevices
All sparklingly clean.
I've even felt your rubber ring,
There's nothing to be seen.

What do you do with my socks?
Come on, give 'em back!
For a hi tech washing machine,
It’s really quite slack.

I'm watching you, you know,
I'll catch you out one day.
I'll show you, yes I will,
This game, two can play.

In the meantime where's my socks,
Vanished in thin air?
I'm warning you, washing machine
I'll get even, I swear.



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