Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Melly Collie - A story in a poem

Photo by Helen

Melly Collie

Melly was a Collie dog,
With eyes all soft and brown.
She started howling overnight,
They heard her in the town.

People gathered at her gate,
To watched her where she sat.
Asked her owner why's she sad?
He said she'd lost the cat.

Lost the cat what do you mean?
That really makes no sense.
C'mon, tell us what was meant,
Don't keep us in suspense.

Melly's owner gave a cough
And said, there's nowt to fear.
What I'm going to tell you next,
Will make it very clear.

Melly had a little mate,
A pussycat called Mitten.
Melly loved this cat of hers,
You could say she was smitten.

But poor old Mitten, the little cat,
He passed away last night.
And in Melly's beating heart,
His passing, put out a light.

 Now she sings a song of woe,
To show how much he's missed.
For Melly only knows one way,
To give him a parting kiss.

© Helen A. Howell


  1. Awwww! People so forget that pets can have pets too. Poor Mellie.

    1. Thank you for reading Katherine, now I've still to write the conclusion of Shadows ^_^


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