Friday, June 10, 2016

Shadows (Pt.3) - A Ghost Story

A short episode this week as I ran out of time. 

You can find previous episodes here: Part 1 Part 2  Part 4

“There was a leader of the group of men that pursued her.” The old woman's eyes grew darker as she told her story. “He was called Jonah Syrett, a brut of a man, known to beat his wife. He fired up the rest of the village men and together they marched on her cottage.”

Lilly noticed William lick his bottom lip, his eyes wide, greedy for details. She  knew that the old girl was well aware of his heightened state and she could sense the pleasure it gave her. “Perhaps you could finish your story in the morning.” The room now was icy cold and her breath, like a fog, hung thick in the air. She turned her coat collar up and clutched it around her ears. Every muscle in her body was tight. An inner sense told her something was dreadfully wrong and that she needed to get William away from the old girl. “It’s  almost midnight, you must be tired. Don’t let us keep you from your bed.” She placed a hand on William’s arm.
He snatched his arm away. “No! Don’t stop. I want to know how it ended.” William seemed unaware of his breath as it too drifted from his mouth in a thick mist. He glared at Lilly. 

The old girl laughed. “Midnight is the witching hour, what better time to be telling a tale.”  Lilly noticed there was no smokey haze as she spoke but her eyes were now two black beads shining in the firelight. Her lips spread in a wide smile, revealed her rotting teeth. She held Lilly’s stare and Lilly felt her collar grow tighter around her neck, as though two hands were squeezing at her flesh. She fought for breath as her own hands tore at her collar in an attempt to free her throat. “William,” she gasped, but he didn’t seem to notice.

“Are you all right, dear?” The old woman’s face was void of any emotion as she turned her attention back to William and her story.  
Lilly’s collar softened. She took several deep breaths before turning it back down. Her heart banged in her ears. Her eyes darted between William and the old woman.
She must have done that. But how?  What has she done to Will?   

At that moment she wanted to shout "run," but her body seemed frozen to the  spot. Fear was holding her in a tight grip.  A puff of air ruffled her hair and something whispered in her ear. ‘Help us. Only you can help us. Help us...” She glanced towards the wall once more, her heart  pounding in  her chest. Something large was forming and for a split second thought she saw a face push against the plaster.

Scribble by Helen

To be continued…



  1. Ooh,creepy! But maybe she can help!

    1. We'll have to see if she can make a difference ^_^

  2. Replies
    1. Oh creepy is what I like, pleased you're enjoying it Zanna

  3. I dunno if I trust that old woman ;)

  4. Oh. Oh I think I know where the men from the original burning party went. Running off to Part 4 to find out...

  5. LOL I hope you find what you're looking for! ^_^

  6. The tension is growing! I must hurry off to chapter 4 and see what more the shadows on the wall have to say.

    I love the drawing accompanying this chapter!

  7. I'm so pleased you are enjoying it Cindy ^_^


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