Friday, July 29, 2016

The Watchers - Sci Fi Flash Fiction

As time seems short at the moment, I have decided to write a new flash every other week and on the alternatives share one of my previous stories.  I hope you enjoy this Sci Fi Flash from 2014

It was a day filled with the lies of a thousand mouths. Time had done nothing to change the human race. We had watched them over a life time, seeing them progress from one stage to another. Now, as I moved through the crowded streets, their voices spin around me like a whirlwind filling my mind with their untruths.
We had tried to help them, not interfere so much as guide them. We stood unseen by the sides of those in control and whispered into their ears. But our efforts slipped through their fingers and their thoughts like grains of sand falling. It is their flagrant attitude that enables us to justify what we must do if this world is to be saved and ever evolve into something better.
I and others like me must now gather at the appointed time, for our ships will not wait one moment longer. We grieve, for our efforts here have come to nothing and we now know those in charge of this world care not for their planet. Instead, they fight among themselves, always wanting more control, more power. It is clear to us that they will not stop until they have raped this planet of all its beauty. They are like a plague of insects infecting it with their greed and schemes.
What right have we to decide whether they live or die you may ask?  We are the Guardians of the Universe. Our age is timeless. We have walked among many different worlds for eons, but none have distress us as this world’s inhabitants do. 
It is our destiny to watch and to wait. But for this world the time to watch, the time to wait, has come to an end. They’ll not see the silver flashes come from the sky until it’s too late. There will be no pain. We will reduce their lies to ashes so that they may be reborn.
* * *
A silver streak danced across the blue sky, followed by another and another. The people stopped and pointed as more and more gathered to watch the glittering spectacle. Cars screeched to a halt, doors flung open and their occupants joined the throng that filled the streets. Hands were held up to shield their faces against the glare. All were mesmerised by the lights that twisted and twirled their way across the atmosphere. 
When the first hit the earth, an ebony mushroom shaped plume rose from the ground. The crowd gasped and panic spread through them like wild fire as they turned to run. But the plume in a split second became a whirling vortex of vapour to spread out and swallow all in its path. 
From above, in their ships, they watched in silence.

© 2014
Words: 457
Pencil Scribble by Helen


  1. And in that split second all humanity knew they had failed. What an understanding to perish with.

    Listening to New Order's Elegia just contributed to the gravitas of this story!

  2. I think I remember reading this last time round, because that first line is such a delciious way to open a story


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