Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dreaming - Poetry


It's time to sleep, close my eyes,
and rest my weary head.
To dream of things yet to come,
and things yet to be said.

No thoughts to torment me,
my mind has been set free.
To delve much deeper in the dark,
 while searching for the key.

I'll dream of roses, soft and red,
that lay around my feet.
Of Knights so bold in armour bright.
and sweet, sweet treats to eat.

And while I dream of things untrue,
my mind sends me a clue,
Of what I really need to know,
and what I should next do.

As I slumber through the night,
my visions keep on spinning.
And like the young moon in the sky,
I'll wake, to a new beginning.

© Helen A. Howell


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