Sunday, August 2, 2020

GOBLINS - A Panmtoum Poem

Pantoums are a challenge and fun to write. The poem is composed of a series of quatrains (4 line verses), where by you take the 2nd and 4th line of each stanza (4 line verse)  and repeat them as the 1st and third of the next stanza. You can make the poem as long as you like. The last stanza differs from the rest in that the 1st and third lines of the last stanza are actually the 2nd and 4th of the previous, while the 2nd and 3rd lines of the last stanza are the 3rd and 1st lines of the 1st quatrain.


I’ve seen them with my eyes,
there are goblins in my patch.
Trust me, I tell no lies,
a really nasty batch.

There are goblins in my patch,
they’re tricksy and they’re sly.
A really nasty batch,
from behind the wood they spy.

They’re tricksy and they’re sly,
‘cause deceit is their game.
From behind the wood they spy,
to bite you is their aim.

‘Cause deceit is their game,
 Their stomachs must be filled.
To bite you is their aim,
 your blood they plan to spill.

Their stomachs must be filled,
they’re greedy little blighters.
Your blood they plan to spill,
those nasty goblin biters.

They’re greedy little blighters,
but I know what they hate.
Those nasty goblin biters.
to my dog they’re just bait.

But I know what they hate,
The dog will sniff them out.
To my dog they’re just bait,
oh, how they’ll run and shout.

The dog will sniff them out,
trust me I tell no lies,
Oh, how they’ll run and shout,
I’ve seen them with my eyes.

©2014 Helen A. Howell


  1. Hiya Helen, reading your heading about how the pantoums are structured nearly gave me a headache, lol. It did give me a smile reading this, let's hope the dog chases away those nasty little creatures. :-)
    Best wishes.

  2. Hello Steve, so pleased you liked this. I do enjoy the challenge of writing pantoums, although I haven't written one for a long time now.


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