Monday, January 3, 2022

Writing Prompt - Dancing Shoes - I give myself 120 seconds to write a flash fiction.


Artwork by Helen A. Howell

The shoes lay in their box, surrounded by soft white tissue paper.  She knew they were in the atic but she wasn't sure  why they had been stored away, her great Aunt refused to talk about them, and Lily also knew she shouldn't be up there, it was strictly out of bounds.  She lifted up the box and carefully climbed back down the stairs.

In the lounge she took the shoes from their box, the satin smooth beneath her fingers, the colour bright, shiny like a red cherry. It was then that she noticed the note tucked in among the tissue paper. "A warning! Do not wear these shoes, they are not what they seem." the note was dated1857.

Lily  frowned, what's that supposed to mean? she thought, they look like ordinary shoes to me. "It must be a joke. Surely those haven't been up there since then," she whispered to herself. Her great Aunt was not due back for a couple of hours, so she had no fear of being discovered.

Her feet itched to try them on. She had never seen a pair quite so beautiful, so ignoring the warning, she slipped them on and tied the ribbon. Within seconds her feet began to twitch and before she knew it they had developed a life all of their own. She was whirled into a frenzy of dance steps, twirling her this way and that.  She tried to stop, but she couldn't. She reached for the ribbons but they were stuck fast, as she was carried away by the shoes in a never ending dance..... 


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